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Liftgate Sales and Service 

When you need us to install, maintain or repair your lift gate, we will be there.  When you need the parts to repair your lift gate, give us a call.  We have the ability to ship parts directly to you or to another location.  Should we not have the part in stock, we'll still make sure it gets to you by having it shipped directly from the manufacturer.


Anthony Liftgates is the leader in the truck liftgate industry, producing innovative designs and building quality products for trucks of all sizes.

Bär Cargolift

For Bär Cargolift Liftgate Sales and Service, choose Cline Trailer Repair. We're the largest OEM Liftgate parts house on the east coast. The products of Bär Cargolift: FreeAccess (vertically foldable platform, free access), standard (with 2-cylinder or 4 cylinder), tuck away (foldable), 1x folded Retfalt, Retfalt (retractable) / 2x folded Hydfalt (hydraulically folded), special equipment ( Battery, charging system, trolley stop), double-decker (DD-elevator, 2 floors).


Many businesses today focus on addressing problems, however Leyman believes the most successful focus on raising the bar. At Leyman Lift Gates we do this by creating a culture where innovation thrives.


Looking for Maxon Liftgate Sales and Service? Cline Trailer Repair is your liftgate specialist. It's in the details. MAXON Liftgates are the considered by many to be the most trusted, best backed, most innovative in the business.


Thieman Tailgates, Inc. markets a full-line of hydraulic liftgates for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Toplifters, Stowaways.


Tommy Gate, the original hydraulic lift, is a premier brand of private and commercial hydraulic liftgates. View all liftgate information, photos, video, and more.


WALTCO liftgates are known for their quality. With the correct service and with Original WALCO liftgate parts from Cline Trailer Repair, you'll find we have selection and prices that cannot be beat. WALTCO liftgates are proudly designed and built in the USA. At Cline Trailer Repair, the largest OEM Liftgate Parts House on the East Coast, we know that reliability is most important for original WALTCO liftgate parts.

Interlift (Palfinger)

Palfinger Liftgates is the premier and cost effective provider for your liftgate needs; offering a full range of products for all applications since 1993.

Some of the manufactures products and parts we supply include